Live Edge Tables

Live Edge Tables retain the edge of the outside of the tree to create a natural, organic look.

Waterfall Tables

Waterfall Tables have a continuous grain pattern that falls over the edge of the table to create a flowing waterfall effect to the grain.

Sofa/Entry Way Tables

Sofa/Entry way tables are long, narrow tables that fit perfectly behind a sofa or in an entry way.

Dining Tables

A dinning table is a place to gather, a place to make memories around, and a place eat of course but they can be so much more. They can be a statement of who you are and the life you are building.

Table Gallery
  • Charcuterie Boards

    Charcuterie boards or serving boards are used for serving cheese, cured meats, vegetables and more. They are for displaying a wide variety of foods and items that will give your family and guests a high class snacking experience.

  • Cutting Boards

    Cutting Boards are the daily use boards for cutting everything from pizzas to cooked meats. They are the board that will get the most use and are ment to be used regularly.

  • End Grain Cutting Boards

    End Grain Cutting Boards are the pinnacle of the cutting board world. These boards are a chef's choice as the end grain can stand up to heavy cutting use, heal itself, and keep knifes sharper longer.

Other Products

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